When it comes to tennis style, we owe a lot to Italian star Lea Pericoli and British designer Ted Tinling. Her looks were the source of so much buzz and excitement, they were often kept a secret until she stepped onto the court. "I became famous because of my clothes, not my playing,” she told the Sunday Mirror in 2001. Here’s a look back at some of Lea’s most iconic looks...

Wimbledon, 1964

At Wimbledon in 1964, Lea hit the grass wearing a fur trimmed mini dress. Since fur might not be the most practical summer tennis material today, try our equally chic Diamond Pointelle Dress

Wimbledon, 1965

Wearing a design by Ted Tinling, Lea’s rose covered mini skirt made headlines. Get the look with our feminine Diamond Pointelle Team Skort and matching top.

With Carol-Ann Kalogeropoulos, 1970

Showing off more designs by Tinling alongside Greek tennis player Carol-Ann Kalogeropoulos. Add a pop to your court style with our Pointelle Team Skort.