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In 2012, Yesim Philip noticed a gap in the market for chic, high-performance tennis wear. At the time, tennis clothes designed by major sports brands weren’t created for everyday athletes and women of all ages–but were geared towards very young pros. Existing styles were often too boxy, too short, too flimsy, or crafted from inexpensive, clingy materials. 
Yesim knew that many women like her were looking for timeless looks and flattering cuts made with high-quality and technically innovative materials – and a more interesting take on traditional tennis whites. The idea for L’Etoile Sport was born.  

L’Etoile Sport is proud to be female-founded, designed, and ethically manufactured. The line has expanded to include tennis, golf and activewear and has caught the attention of celebrities including Nicole Kidman and Kate Upton. Recently, the brand has been worn on the hit series And Just Like That and Inventing Anna. You can find L’Etoile Sport on, Net-a-Porter, Carbon38, and at independent clubs and retailers around the country.


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