We couldn’t be happier to team up with Veronica Beard for our first ever L’Etoile Sport x Veronica Beard collab. Just in time for summer, we launched five essential pieces for tennis and more, in a cool custom lace fabric. The collection includes the perfect tennis dress, a great pleated skort and fitted zip-front tank, a versatile jacket (that you will wear over everything this summer) – and of course, a signature Veronica Beard dickey all in a stretch pointelle, trimmed in a vibrant “tennis ball” yellow.  

 In honor of our new collab, we asked Veronica Beard co-founders, Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard, to join L’Etoile Sport founder, Yesim Philip, to talk about all things tennis, summer, and sports. 

Veronica Swanson Beard

All-time favorite summer destination? Nantucket with my family

What type of tennis player are you? I grew up playing tennis, but only singles. It wasn’t until my 30’s that I started playing doubles. I love that I can exercise with friends and catch up at the same time. 

 Favorite summer sports? Tennis, yoga, walking and watching my kids surf. I just learned how to surf so I will be doing more of that this summer, I hope. 

 Favorite VB x L’Etoile Sport piece? I love the dress. One and done. It’s flirty and flattering   

Why VB x L’Etoile? Veronica and I love tennis because it’s one sport where you can socialize while working out! But no one wants to compromise style for sweat. L’Etoile was the perfect partner for us because we could create something so chic for on and off the court. It’s the perfect summer capsule collection – nothing says summer quite like tennis whites!

Where you might wear your VB x L’Etoile Sport off the court or off the green?I will be wearing it to run around after my kids all summer long!

Yesim Philip

Sporting event you love to watch? My favorite sports are tennis and basketball. I played basketball in school growing up and then played professionally, so my love of the sport was imprinted from a young age. About 14 years ago, I fell in love with both playing and watching tennis and now spend the summer doing both.

All-time favorite summer destination? Turkey – because it’s my home. 

Most Inspiring tennis icon? Rafa Nadal. I admire his discipline, work ethic and humanity. He has come back from injuries more than any other athlete I know and has still managed to win most grand slams in history. And he did all of this despite missing several grand slams due to injuries. 

What type of tennis player are you? A good one I hope! I am competitive but I’m also all about having fun. 

Why did you want to create a Veronica Beard x L’Etoile collaboration?  A few people mentioned that our brands would be a great fit because we share so many customers. Our clientele is a similar type of woman – one who is discerning, cares about style and appreciates quality. Both VB and L’Etoile Sport are also women-owned and operated. The Veronicas and I are very enthusiastic about giving back to the community, so we decided to donate 10% of the proceeds to the USTA foundation.

Favorite VB x L’Etoile Sport piece? I love the Zip Front Dress – it is chic and versatile. You can wear it to play tennis or with flat sandals off the court.

Veronica Miele Beard 

All-time favorite summer destination? Off the grid!

What type of tennis player are you? Competitive!

Sporting event you love to watch? I love playing tennis, but to watch, I love basketball. I love it at all levels from watching my kids play at school up to the NBA and WNBA.

Favorite VB x L’Etoile Sport piece: I love the skirt, top and jacket. Favorite is the jacket!

 Why VB x L’Etoile?  Veronica and I are such tennis enthusiasts and love to spend time on the court in the summer months. And when we step off, we want to look just as ready for the next part of our day. With L’Etoile, we created a capsule collection that is perfect for that on-the-go lifestyle!

Where you might wear your VB x L’Etoile Sport off the court or off the green? Grabbing coffee with friends after a morning workout.