Ever since we launched in 2012, we have specialized in beautifully-crafted, sophisticated performance sportswear designed to last. Season after season, the collection is made so that you can add L’Etoile pieces to your wardrobe and have everything work together seamlessly. We create each new collection with the idea that you can mix and match your old and new L’Etoile. How do we do this? By staying true to L’Etoile’s signature palette.

The L’Etoile palette boasts rich navy and bright whites paired with touches of vibrant red, kelly green and the occasional pop of yellow. If you prefer to stay tonal with navy on navy or white on white, we offer contrasting trims in green, blue or red. Those tone-on-tone pieces can then be swapped out to work together. For example, a navy and bright blue trimmed long sleeve top also pairs perfectly with the white and navy trimmed skirt. 

The ability to mix and match our pieces reflects how we have designed the collection for both longevity and style. As our new collection launches this month we 're excited for you to add to your L’Etoile wardrobe. Happy fall!