1. Lisa Perry Tote 2. Keys, Wallet 3. (From Left) Hair Oil, Sunscreen, Sun Tan Lotion, Face Lotion, Lip Gloss 4. Raw Organic Almonds 5. Tennis Racket 6. Wilson Hot Pink Tennis Grip Tape

Whether you’re heading over to the court for a quick rally or maybe even a match with a best friend, what you bring with you is essential. Professional players carry an entire arsenal of gear in their bags, however for those of you who enjoy a robust game and sweat session while looking fashionable but have to be at lunch 30 minutes later, your essentials are going to be very different. To gain insight as to what you should be toting in your tennis bag, read on to find out what Yesim Philip, CEO and Creative Director for L’Etoile Sport, carries with her every time she hits the court.

The Bag 

Yesim loves to use a polka-dot Lisa Perry tote, which is fun, flirty, and has enough space and pockets to hold everything she needs.

The Basics 

Every woman needs her car keys and wallet, which you’ll also find in Yesim’s tennis bag.



It gets hot and humid when playing on the court, thus sunscreen for both face and body is necessary. Yesim also carries with her protective summer oil spray for hair and sheer lip gloss for when she’s on the go right after a match.



Who doesn’t get thirsty when they’re serving it up outside? Hydration and nourishment are key when you plan on spending the day out on the court. Yesim enjoys savory but sweet nutrition bars and raw almonds to keep her energy up so she’s ready to take on any opponent.

The Racket 


Last, but certainly not least is Yesim’s racket! You can’t play without one! As any devoted player does, Yesim brings along a second one just in case a string breaks. Can’t forget your grip tape either! Yesim opts for a hot pink color when it’s time to change it up. As they like to say, victory is in the bag.

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