It's been a heart-racing, anticipation-climbing, intense first week of the Olympic Games in Sochi. There have been heart-warming stories of triumph and heart-breaking ones of upset. While the Olympics mean something different to every athlete and every spectator watching around the world, we wanted to share with you what has stood out to us the most.

Alex Bilodeau Dedicates his Gold Medal

bcan"My brother is my everyday inspiration. Like I say all the time, if he had the life that I have lived, he would be a three-time Olympic champion."

- Alex Bilodeau

Earlier this week canadian mogul skier, Alex Bilodeau, stole the hearts of every athlete and viewer, alike, as he dedicated his Olympic Gold win to his brother Frederic. Frederic, who suffers from cerebral palsy, has been the rock and inspiration to Bilodeau since the very start of his career. Upon winning the gold and without taking even a minute for himself, Bilodeau bee-lined for the canadian viewing section and hoisted his brother from the crowds. This, after all, is what the Olympic's inspire and teach; it takes an entire 'village,' in this case, family, friends, teammates, coaches, to reach a dream.

The Speeding Dutchmen? - Triple Victory


"It's a beautiful success. Six, seven years ago we started our way to what we have reached today. They were roller skaters and then they switched to speed skating,"

- Gerard Van Velde (Team Coach)

A country born for speed? Watching the Mulder twins and Jan Smeekens decorate the podium in the mens 500 Metere Speed Skating competition was both exciting and gut-wrenching. Michael Mulder ended up capturing the gold and stole the show while doing it, as cameras caught his shocked and surprised reaction to his win. Michael was completely unaware of his victory until a second review of the line. Michael's twin, Ronald Mulder, took the bronze in this event. Dear Netherlands, thank you for these twins. They are too cute to watch....but twins?! Common, not fair!!!... We now find ourselves wondering, are dutch babies born with skates attached to their feet?!

The American Bobsledder - Trapped


"When you're with a team, it's guys made up of different personalities, different backgrounds, and it the cool thing is, everybody comes together for one goal,"

- Johnny Quinn

Johnny Quinn has had quite a different sort of Sochi 'fame.' While his two and four man bobsled events have yet to take place, Quinn has made headlines twice. First, for getting trapped in a bathroom. Second for getting trapped in an elevator! After his cries for help went unanswered, this former NFL and CFL player used a bobsledding 'push' technique to push his way through the bathroom door. Quinn was not as successful in the elevator incident, having to wait for mechanics to free him. Ultimately, we now think of him as the 'Hulk' and cant wait to see his brute strength surface later in the competition. #sochiproblems

The Olympic Spirit Animal - Kate Hansen


"My girl Bey! She just gets me fierce and I get stoked. I've got good mojo on, so it's how I roll."

- Kate Hansen

While Jennifer Lawrence is the spirit animal of the red carpet, America's Kate Hansen is Sochi's one-and-only. Finishing 10th in the women's luge, Hansen is garnering all sorts of attention for her warm-up routine. Consisting of "strictly Beyonce," Hansen's warm-up routine has gotten her the support of Queen Bey, herself! Beyonce recently tweeted a video of Kate busting a move. Hansen, a remarkable young athlete, is setting another olympic example; to be yourself and have fun doing it.

Skating Royalty in the Making:

Julia Lipnitskaya


"Of course there was a bit of worry, but, thank God, I coped well with everything I had to do. I knew I had to be calm."

-Julia Lipnitskaya

Olympic freshman, Julia Lipnitskaya, stole the show during the figure skating team competition after earning a standing ovation from an amazed crowd. Determination, age, agility and love for the sport garnered a 214.21 score, second in history to South Korea's Kim Yuna Lipnitskaya.

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