A History of Women's Golf Wear

When women first began playing golf, their outfits were much more important than their actual participation in the sport. In the 1870s, when golf entered the American sports realm for the first time, nearly everyone dressed conservatively in comparison to fashion today. However, women were especially required to show modesty in their clothing choices, and that was immediately reflected in female golf wear of the late 19th century.

The First Golf Outfits

Golf in the 1800s began as a sport mainly centered on courses at elite country clubs around the country. At the time, country clubs were not just places to participate in athletic activities. In fact, country clubs were exclusive groups where young men and women could meet and socialize in a socially acceptable setting. This could also be an opportunity for eligible young bachelors and bachelorettes to meet and perhaps begin a respectable relationship. Because of these possibilities, ladies