1. Off-Court Tennis Workouts

    Strength training for tennis involves strengthening the upper and lower body for maximum performance on the tennis court. This helps protect against injuries to the joints as well as build strength in your muscles. As the game of tennis becomes more intense so does the training needed off the court. Rock a tank and short or legging to feel your best during this workout!

    Utilizing gym equipment and a jumprope is great for tennis cross training! Simply set up an interval circuit. Like you would have in a real match situation, this allows you to do quick intervals of different movements and keeps your body guessing. As long as your heart-rate is up high you are also getting the cardio aspect. We recommend a legging and tank top layered with a zip hoodie for this work out.

    Swimming provides amazing aerobic conditioning as a switch up to court play. As a sport it is much easier on your joints not to mention therapeutic to be in the water. Don't let the calm water fool you, a few sets of laps and you will definitely be feeling it the next day! 

    Hot Yoga helps to improve flexibility, plain and simple.  Not only does it mentally relax you while balancing your body, it lengthens your muscles and releases your joints. Many pros including Andy Murry swear by it - so it gets our vote! For this we recommend wearing a sports bra and short or legging to feel you best during this sweat induced hour.

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  2. Our Holiday Gift Guide

    She is sporty and she is chic! That's the L'Etoile Sport woman and we have compiled a gift guide just for her! Shop our favorites from L'Etoile Sport and other brands featured below!


    Classic simplicity best describes our favorite stripe knit polo. Perfect for on the course, on the court or out for lunch. Feel breezy and look great no matter what the day brings. Pair with a chic pair of Chanel golf shoes or your go to flats.

    The perfect gift combo for the women in your life hitting the beach and the slopes this holiday season. Elegant cashmere gloves – check. Fabulous tennis dress – check!  Grab our brand new front zip tennis dress and crush your opponent on the course and shine throughout the rest of the day. Top if off with our leather hat and rock that on the court or on the slopes.


    The ideal look for the women on your list who like to dress to impress while looking fit. Our soft mesh tank paired with our performance legging is the perfect outfit for hitting the gym then running around town. Post workout ambiance cannot be overlooked with a deliciously smelling candle. Whatever your scent be prepared to be dazzled.

    Tennis perfection. You cannot go wrong gifting our brand-new flower group. The performance white flower fabric, both comfortable and elegant stands out from the crowd. Pair our flirty skort with mesh inserts with any the long sleeve top or racer back option. Pair with a customized tote from our friends at Corroon. 

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  3. The happiness diet – our takeaways

    This year at the Women’s Health Symposium in NYC, the main message was the importance of the mind-body connection. Healthy gut = healthy mind. We each received our own copy of the happiness diet by Rachel Kelly. A colorful book with simple healthy recipes and great explanations about good mood food. Here are our takeaways from the book.

    Mind: Body Connection

     “All disease begins in the gut” Hippocrates 

    Your gut is your second brain. You are what you eat. That ‘gut’ feeling.  These sayings hold a lot of truth in them. More and more studies have been done on the mind-body connection and science is proving these to be right.  90% of serotonin is made in our gut and as much as 50% of dopamine. Both of these neurotransmitters directly affect our happiness. Keeping the gut healthy will keep you calmer, lower your stress levels significantly and make you happier!

     80:20 Rule

    Eat well 80% of the time. Here are some of the golden rules…

    Eat plants and a colorful variety of vegetables most of the time, and sprinkle them with seeds such as pumpkin seeds. Use herbs and spices, especially saffron which has calming properties and turmeric to boost your mood. Eat anti-inflammatory foods with omega 3’s such as oily fish, eggs, avocados and nuts. Cut out added sugars to keep your blood sugar balanced. 

     Blood Sugar: Balance

    Keep your blood sugar leveled out to feel balanced.  

    Avoid the sugar crash which raises anxiety. It’s better to avoid snacking all day long and fast between meals instead, as well as keep a regular routine.  Become mindful of the Glycemic Index and the Glycemic load, you want to avoid foods with a High Glycemic Level such as bagels as they will spike your blood sugar immediately. Carbs with higher fiber contents will release sugar more slowly, such as spelt bread versus white bread.

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