1. The happiness diet – our takeaways

    This year at the Women’s Health Symposium in NYC, the main message was the importance of the mind-body connection. Healthy gut = healthy mind. We each received our own copy of the happiness diet by Rachel Kelly. A colorful book with simple healthy recipes and great explanations about good mood food. Here are our takeaways from the book.

    Mind: Body Connection

     “All disease begins in the gut” Hippocrates 

    Your gut is your second brain. You are what you eat. That ‘gut’ feeling.  These sayings hold a lot of truth in them. More and more studies have been done on the mind-body connection and science is proving these to be right.  90% of serotonin is made in our gut and as much as 50% of dopamine. Both of these neurotransmitters directly affect our happiness. Keeping the gut healthy will keep you calmer, lower your stress levels significantly and make you happier!

     80:20 Rule

    Eat well 80% of the time. Here are some of the golden rules…

    Eat plants and a colorful variety of vegetables most of the time, and sprinkle them with seeds such as pumpkin seeds. Use herbs and spices, especially saffron which has calming properties and turmeric to boost your mood. Eat anti-inflammatory foods with omega 3’s such as oily fish, eggs, avocados and nuts. Cut out added sugars to keep your blood sugar balanced. 

     Blood Sugar: Balance

    Keep your blood sugar leveled out to feel balanced.  

    Avoid the sugar crash which raises anxiety. It’s better to avoid snacking all day long and fast between meals instead, as well as keep a regular routine.  Become mindful of the Glycemic Index and the Glycemic load, you want to avoid foods with a High Glycemic Level such as bagels as they will spike your blood sugar immediately. Carbs with higher fiber contents will release sugar more slowly, such as spelt bread versus white bread.

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  2. L'Etoile & Fashion at Large

    Every season L'Etoile Sport looks for inspiration in the fashion world, through art, through experience, culture and travel. This year we have picked some of our favorite pieces to highlight where the collection has been and where it is going. 

    Stripes are classic and sophisticated, not to mention seeing their moment in both FW17 and SS18. We are seeing classic yet bold statements that create core pieces for any wardrobe. Our classic button knit polo adds a touch of femininity to a strong look wearable on the greens, on the court or out to lunch.

    Athleisure meets night time. We have incorporated the bold colors and feel of night time fashion and magic into court style. Sport mesh in deep blues with splashes of bright orange give a resurgence to tennis court staples.

    Art is nature. What better color to hone in on for a fresh spring season look then green. We took our inspiration from the fresh turn over of spring gardens and bright pops of color that we see year after year. Offset with white, this color combination makes for a beautiful statement on the greens!

    White on white is a look that never gets old. Our flirty silhouette in performance material adds an edge to our multi-functional dress. The trend of athletic wear for all day use is something that has embodied L'Etoile Sport’s #playallday mentality since day one. We continue to strive to produce fashionable and functional pieces that set the bar for what it means to be both sporty and chic.

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  3. Fashion and Tennis.

    Fashion and sport collided in the 21st century. What you wear on the court has become as much of a topic of conversation as what you wear off. No matter your style, there are many stores on and offline that sell clothing for tennis. However, L'Etoile Sport was born when one of the co-founders had trouble finding fashionable tennis clothing that still captured the tradition of the sport.
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