1. Style Inspiration: The US Open

    The US Open has always provided a platform for tennis starts to make a fashion statement. Without the long list of rules like we have at Wimbledon, the tournament invites players (and fans) to dress to impress. Here are a few of our favorite looks and some statement-making styles from our collection to inspire your next match.

    1971: Chris Evert and Billie Jean King

    These rivals hit the court in almost matching white lace dresses at the 1971 US Open.

    Get the Look: Diamond Pointelle Tennis Dress

    2004: Maria Sharapova

    This slinky slip dress style was made to be worn by Maria Sharapova.

    Get the Look: Simple Tank

    2018: Serena Williams

    Serena’s tutu looks (she wore two) from Off-White designer Virgil Abloh will live in US Open history.

    Get the Look: Pointelle Team Skort

    1981: Chris Evert 

    Chris Evert’s blue and white look with a chic white bow would look just as trendy today as it did back in 1981.

    Get the Look: Lace Back Tennis Dress

    2017: Naomi Osaka

    This bold Mondrian-inspired look on Naomi Osaka back in 2017 is still a favorite today.

    Get the Look: Zip Front Tank and Retro Lace Skort

    2018: Venus Williams

    We love a little neon, especially on Venus Williams.

    Get the Look: Shoulder Trim Tank

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  2. Style Inspiration: Wimbledon Whites

    The all-white dress code at Wimbledon might be just as famous as the players that take to the historic grass courts. Everything from the shade of white (pure white only, no cream or off-white allowed!) to the amount of color allowed on the trim (a one centimeter strip and nothing more!) is carefully outlined in the Wimbledon rules. Lucky for us, the all-white outfits over the years have been anything but boring. Here are some of our favorite looks and a few Wimbledon-ready styles from our latest collection.

    1949: Gussie (Gertrude) Moran

    Gussie Moran’s lace trimmed shorts made just as many headlines as she did when she flashed them at the 1949 tournament. The look also resulted in designer Ted Tinling being banned from Wimbledon.

    Get the Look: Our Racer Shorts are the perfect layer for under your tennis skirts and dresses. 

    1985: Anne White

    "I had no idea it would be so controversial,” Anne White said of her lycra bodysuit at Wimbledon in 1985. She was asked to wear something more “appropriate” for the next day of play.

    Get the Look: Bend the rules with our Zip Front Tank and Retro Lace Skort that feature pops of navy and orange.

    2008: Maria Sharapova

    Maria Sharapova looked chic on the court in 2008 with a tuxedo inspired tank, jacket and tailored white shorts.

    Get the Look: Our Team Skort and Pointelle Trim Tank are a chic combination both on and off the court.

    2010: Venus Williams

    Who doesn’t love some fringe? Here’s Venus Williams in 2010 wearing a funky skirt.

    Get the Look: Our Diamond Pointelle Dress combines ladylike Brazilian lace with a sporty front zip.

    2013: Serena Williams

    At the 2013 tournament, Serena Williams warmed up on the court in a sporty meets chic white blazer.

    Get the Look: Warm up in style with our Fleecey Pullover featuring reflective trim and a shoulder zip.

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  3. L’Etoile Style Icon: Lea Pericoli

    When it comes to tennis style, we owe a lot to Italian star Lea Pericoli and British designer Ted Tinling. Her looks were the source of so much buzz and excitement, they were often kept a secret until she stepped onto the court. "I became famous because of my clothes, not my playing,” she told the Sunday Mirror in 2001. Here’s a look back at some of Lea’s most iconic looks...

    Wimbledon, 1964

    At Wimbledon in 1964, Lea hit the grass wearing a fur trimmed mini dress. Since fur might not be the most practical summer tennis material today, try our equally chic Diamond Pointelle Dress

    Wimbledon, 1965

    Wearing a design by Ted Tinling, Lea’s rose covered mini skirt made headlines. Get the look with our feminine Diamond Pointelle Team Skort and matching top.

    With Carol-Ann Kalogeropoulos, 1970

    Showing off more designs by Tinling alongside Greek tennis player Carol-Ann Kalogeropoulos. Add a pop to your court style with our Pointelle Team Skort.

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